Lumigen HyPerBlu

Hydrogen Peroxide Detection

Lumigen HyPerBlu Chemiluminescent Reagent is a novel ready-to-use substrate for the direct detection of hydrogen peroxide. Reaction of the substrate with hydrogen peroxide rapidly generates sustained high-intensity luminescence for maximum detection sensitivity in solution assays. Coupled with oxidases the Lumigen HyPerBlu substrate also allows one step indirect quantitation of oxidase substrates or the oxidase itself.

Lumigen HyPerBlu substrate is suitable for automation and miniaturization to 384-well or 1536-well format. Lumigen HyPerBlu reagents wide tolerance for common assay additives (eg DMSO), lack of intermediaries, chemical specificity, one-component structure and excellent stability lead to assay simplicity, excellent robustness and unmatched convenience for high throughput screening laboratories.

  • Direct detection of peroxide, oxidase enzymes or their substrates
  • Single ready-to-use reagent formulation with long stability for convenience
  • Broad dynamic range with bright sustained chemiluminescence
  • Excellent sensitivity in solution assays

Lumigen HyPerBlu Technology

Lumigen HyPerBlu reagent is a novel chemiluminescent substrate that directly reacts with hydrogen peroxide (without peroxidase) rapidly generating a sustained high-intensity chemiluminescence. The signal intensity can be measured on PMT based plate reading luminometers or CCD imaging systems. Long stability of the formulation combined with the wide hydrogen peroxide dynamic range (>5 orders) allow for sensitive and reproducible assays.


hydrogen peroxide detection

Indirect Detection of Oxidases

Lumigen HyPerBlu chemiluminescent reagent offers a no-label enzyme-free technique for the detection of oxidase activity. Because the Lumigen HyPerBlu substrate directly measures hydrogen peroxide produced from oxidative reactions, assays are significantly simpler, more flexible, and avoid complications associated with label-based technologies.

Lumigen HyPerBlu
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Product Specifications

Hydrogen Peroxide (directly); Glucose oxidases (indirectly)
Direct Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
2.6 nM Hydrogen Peroxide
Storage Conditions: 
2-8° C; Store in amber bottle to protect from light
2 years stored at 2-8° C
Working Solution: 
Ready to use solution

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Lumigen HyPerBlu (5 mL)
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