The innovative products of Lumigen® have been recognized by the US and foreign patent offices through the granting of numerous patents.

Lumigen ECL Ultra (TMA-6)
US Patent No. 6,858,733
European Patent Nos. EP 1456176B1; EP 2096110B1
Chinese Patent ZL02805225.0
Japanese Patent No. 4,686126

Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto®)
US Patent No. 7,247,726
Chinese Patent ZL02805225.0
European Patent Nos. EP 1456176B1; EP 2096110B1
Japanese Patent No. 4,686,126

Lumigen HyPerBlu®
US Patent Nos. 6,919,463; 7,390,670
European Patent No. EP 2305690B1
Japanese Patent No. 4,727,569

Lumigen SPARCL®
US Patent Nos.  7,682,839; 7,732,153; 7,923,213; 8,012,705; 8,124,362; 7,799,534; 7,923,214; 8,076,092; 9,029,092
European Patent Nos. EP 2021778; EP 2027453; EP 2401392
Australian Patent Nos. 2007249527; 2010217756
Chinese Patent Nos. ZL 200780022839.3; ZL200780025965.4; ZL201010616899.1 
Japanese Patent Nos. 5844643; 6037522